Nighttime magic neverending
As we try to cope with that ultimate ruse,
The bane of human existence,
The myth known as happiness.
Rainbow-chasing children
romping unknowingly through forests of false hopes
dreaming deludedly of elusive happiness;
The magic of nighttime is the happiness of sleep
where myth becomes reality and lovers can give of themselves
freely until............
The chasm of daybreak rudely intervenes and their world becomes
illusion once more,
monochrome rainbows twisted into mocking icons
of illogical impropriety
plunging crazily into that cruel canyon of chronic crises.
Happiness awaits below,
projecting her myth upon an unsuspecting world,
tantalizing those who join the chase
with moments of unguarded pleasure,
Taunting those who dare to proclainm that attainment
with a renewed vigor,
For without the myth of happiness we are left with
the residue of despair and emptiness,
cold ashes left as the spoor of happiness until
the rainbow-run begins anew.
Nighttime magic neverending

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.