Massage your mind with wondrous imaginings
Delight in the flavor of loving life
for the child in each of us
retains love's initial innocence.

Marvelous feelings flowing freely from the
fount of my soul
Lips spewing forth breathless platitudes
Endless litanies of life's longings.

Can one be sure of passionate desire?
But more than passion, eons past desire
Complete giving of oneself to the warmth
of another

Lissom bodies languishing in love's long embrace
Charged corpuscles racing through
the pulsating arteries of passion's

Oh sweet desire
ever driving me forward through life's
back roads
Helping me to discover the far reaches of
emotion's wide spectrum
Enabling me to feel, with all that is you,
a oneness
a totality
a summation of my existence.

O' fragile daughter of Cytherea
dare I desire you with all-consuming passion
To become one with you.
Dare I kneel before you with sweet desire
To take you on life's lustful journey
Dare we bow before love
To ride the passionate chariot of Eros?

Massage your mind with wondrous imaginings,
my love
Delight in the flavor of loving life
for the maturity within us
preserve's love's rapture.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.