Here I sit and write trying to compare you
with a sunny summer day
There is no comparison,
your glow outshines the sun
your warmth warms my heart
o so much more.
Then what, my love can I compare you with?
A blossoming flower, fragrant in its birth?
An inquisitive kitten, ever curious in its
A newborn pup, innocent and afraid?

No, love. For comparisons there are none
For you are yourself...all of you,
and to compare you with anything.
anyone, is but an injustice to you
for you are incomparable
A woman
wandering through life's maze
tasting of life's fruits
enjoying life's pleasures
feeling life's pain.

Comparisons are made by poets to express love,
but love,
unconquerable love,
incomparable love
needs no such expression.
It exists, not to be compared, but rather
to be shared,
in mutual passion.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.