Hungrily yearning for your touch,
I sit waiting as eons seemingly pass
for the multitudes
while for me it is but mere seconds;
But no, being apart from you, each second is
multiplied a thousand-fold more
While all the world continues on, a snailspace
is my inner pace
while my heart thunders
calling your name.

Miss you? Without you I am whole still,
but only half a whole
twice a whole together.

And while the world muddles in its morass of
middle-class mediocrity
We will rise, with laughter,
with smiles
with a special spirited love
which will take us above the rest
until we come to rest
within each other,
knowing, believing
trusting, receiving
to them
A new meaning of love
A definition of our emotions
to be envied by all
to be understood by few
to be cherished
by us.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.