Ramblings in the 42nd St. Station - 1974

Didya ever stop and think what would happen
If all the girls you ever knew and loved
just happened to pass by you in the
middle of the 42nd St. station?

I did and here's the scenario:

A fleeting glance a smile a look of recognition
Its you it can't be you it is you So
How've ya been Been a while hasn't it
(dead coals beginning to act like the
Phoenix -
Long dead coals of forgotten passion -
ya think there's a chance?)
Now things are startin' to look up
but wait!
I don't believe it - is that you? Didya know
that I used to dream about you
(Those coals - remember 'em -
still dead but startin' to radiate -
better watch it - , further developments)
Hmmm - so far they haven't aged -
mind tricks / light tricks
/subway tracks - memory tracks
Blondes, brunettes, red-heads - Nope
Just blondes and brunettes
What's happenin' now -
Well hello - Smile - do you remember
(45 RPM memories - Startin' to spin -
5 Satins, - Oh! Denise scooby doo -
Life's spinnin' a bit faster -
Help Me Rhonda - help help me Rhonda -
Can this truly happen -
in the 42nd St. station?
Let's go back for more)

Statue of Liberty funtimes with you -
Back when - then - Mmmm -
pleasantries - inexperienced pedastellery
(new word for worship)
and after the day - those long evenings
alone - beach - dinner - diner -bye
(Hopeful imagings - perhaps -
but - well - just enjoy it, -- )
Parking - backseat - frontseat - Hi - What've
you been doing all these years -
(Tryin' to take things in stride
kinda' difficult with memories - )
Tryin' to set some kinda' record?
(L.P.'s now - cruisin' - Beach Boys
California Girls - never had one but
there's still time.)
No - but thought about you -
(Try to see it my way....)
Still livin' by that beach in Brooklyn? -
Oh - ....
(Uh oh - here's the train -
does this continue? -
Rush run - deadline - schedules -
Mind tracks subway tracks memory tracks)

Copyright 1974 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.