Love's hypnotic rhapsody washes over me
It's bewitching spell drowning my soul
in wavewashed ecstasy
As I submit myself to her unparalleled
Pondering an endless horizon, I wonder at
the endlessness of my feelings;
Joy soaring to boundless altitudes
Love, burning with an intensity which will
scorch the earth
purging it of hate,
Love, unbound and endless, which
will nourish the world,
feeding those lonely souls
who have never known Love.

My heart intones endless litanies,
for my love for you is as a religion,
and you, as a goddess
of all that is beautiful and sublime
inhabit the temple that is my
Presiding over my emotions and desires
with arms outstretched
and understanding in your heart.

Copyright 1974 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.