Seeds of Love

The starchild, daughter of the heavens
bursts forth from her cherished abode
To visit herself upon the earthly plane
Child of nature that she is,
She immerses herself in the seas
bathing her body in the curative salts
of evermoving ocean currents.

And as a maiden of the sea, she rises
to greet the dawn of the coming day
Clothed in the raiment of the radiance of love
Her hair shimmering in golden waves
of sunlit majesty.
Her laughter, like crystalline melodies
blesses the earth
Tinkling bells of bemusement beckoning
forth the elven folk.
Those beings whose existence belies belief
And she in her merriment calls them forth
to bless their spritely spirits.
For they are the embodiment of fantasy
where earth's dreams are stored
and given freely
To those who dare to dream.

The starchild, she born of the heavens,
now borne by the sea, walks the earth
And her path is illumned in love's haloed light.
For she brings to the earthly plane
love's truth
To be planted as seedlings
in the bowers of the chosen few
The babes that will nurture the seedlings,
and grow themselves, as well
in spirit and soul
to become the dreamers, the lovers
the souls of love
Guardians of the gift of the
Gods and Goddesses.

And they will reap the inheritance
of the starchild
Driven magically to each other
as they listen to the melody
of the heavens
Finding each other, in the beclouded
morass of earth's collective ego.

As lovers and dreamers they will pass on
the seedling
through lifetimes together
of learning and love
And in their merriment, so apparent to all,
will be their knowing
their knowledge
of the mystical magical
Brought by the starchild
to seed the earthly plane
with her gift
from the universe.

Copyright 1974 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.