Bough of Sadness

The breeze whispers through the pine
bringing her soft voice to me
It is carried ever lightly
as I sit alone
neath sad snow laden boughs.

The trees, tall in their majesty
with arms upraised
ask for love.
For their boughs do bend
as a shoulder shrug
Love me, they cry silently
as stalwart they stand.

The trees sigh in the breeze
with the song of her melody
A longing sigh
for love lost long ago
And they stand and listen
in silent hope
for the return of the one.

And the breeze continues its journey
Lightly touching each bough with her voice
And the boughs forever remain saddened
With the loss of yet another
Until, alone, they break
and fall.

Copyright 1974 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.