Love Is!

Love, frozen in the arms of time's rigid confines
Bound by society's right and wrongs
Pleas for understanding unheard by mute-rigid culture
To live within these bounds is painful
To love within these bounds, torturous
Two souls reaching, as one, for love's
precious possession
Only to be beaten by other's evil thoughts.

Love, that most powerful of all emotions,
is powerless
in the face of society.
Why can not those binding confines
be broken?
Why must society's mores be so rigid?
What right has society to stop love
when it cannot stop war?

Let us not waste tears on what cannot be
But rather rejoice in what is
What we have had, what we will have.
Let us not dwell on what might have been
but rather on what is allowed to us,
For most people are not even allowed that.

Love is allotted to a few special people;
those that can truly understand its pain
and its glory
For without that pain there can be no love,
merely companionship.
To say "I love you" is not enough
for it reaches far beyond that. . .
into 'friendship' and faith
and understanding.

To hold you, for thoughts to merge as one,
to caress you,
look at you
embrace you
is but a facet of love.

I, with humble and sometimes trite words, try to
explain and exclaim my love
but it is impossible
to bind a soul to paper.

Love Is!

Copyright 1974 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.