Heartsbeat not in unison
asynchronous poundings with but one goal
To hammer harmoniously
beating out a lustful lullabye of love.

Two vibant bodies
throbbing pulsating
gliding toward one another effortlessly
succumbing to a power unknown.
Unexplored depths of fathomless feelings
made more forbidden by society's censors
Allowing none of lust's luminosity
to light the way
to the essence of our existence.

One kiss, tonguetips dancing, darting
seeking to penetrate each other's
outer shields
That special touch
fingertips skimming over each other's downy
Setting the air afire with their sexuality.

Two beings of unadulterated energy
Feeding each other's primal instincts
Wanting nothing but to satisfy
their mutual desire.

Heartsbeat in harmony but for a very special few
And then, for moments only,
can those two beings
join as one,
leaving, within each other for all time,
a glowing ember of remembrance.
A memento of two minds, reacting as one,
attempting to bare life's driving force
to free it
So that others may too know its sweet warmth.

Heartsbeat not in unison for most people
Asynchronous poundings with but one goal
And with that goal having been met
in those chosen few
Life's lustful lullabye continues for the masses
A staccato beat,
sometimes, if ever at all, nearing harmony
but never encountering life's secret warmth

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.